Better resize for background-image

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi B-W-Design, yes like Pilou and bisenberger mention above there is a new "Align" function for the image command in MoI v2 which enables you to do what you are describing.

It works by picking 2 reference points in the image, and then 2 target points in the model, and transforms the image to align those 2 lines with one another.

You can snap the model points on to existing geometry, or you can also enter in a numeric scale value by using the distance constraint function where you type in a number and that places the second point at that distance away from the first picked point. So for example to make your image line 1000 units you would type in "1000" and push enter when you are picking the 2 model target points.

See this previous thread for some illustrations:

- Michael