Better resize for background-image

 From:  B-W-Design
I use Moi very very often for doing floorplans.
Most times i got only a paper-copy of an floorplan, scan it, lay it in the background and then
i start with some lines and so on.
The biggest problem here is to get the right size of the floorplan.
In most case there are some dimensions givven in the plan.
For example an dimensionening of 1000mm.

then i create a rectangle with 1000mm.
After that i try to push and pull the backgroundimage so long if the given dimensioning will fit
to the 1000mm rectangle.
That is very very hard sometimes.

Is it possible to get an feature where i can set a line with 2 points on the backgroundimage
and then enter a value and say that this line on the image is 1000mm long.
And then moi will blow up the image to this?

Hope you could understand what i mean.