Student license woes....

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi olio - the student ordering process I'm afraid will often have some delays because they have to go through a manual process of verifying student status, like looking at his student ID card and stuff like that.

So I think that there is no progress done on such things over the weekends, and it can possibly take a couple of days to finish one of those educational orders.

If you want a faster order process, the regular order page here: does go through a much more fully automated process when ordering with a credit card, normally there is no delay with that ordering method.

But if you want the student discount, a delay of up to a few working days (not counting weekends) is going to be pretty normal, sorry.

I guess if it is a problem I could think about not having a educational discount version at all... That's mostly the other option since I don't think it is feasible for me to handle the verification steps myself.

As far as I know though, it is very common for there to be this kind of delay with ordering many different kinds of educational discount version software, because of the extra checking process.

- Michael