Student license woes....

 From:  Michael Gibson
2956.17 In reply to 2956.14 
Hi Will,

> But I think the question remains, when you're no longer
> a student, do you have to then >upgrade to the next
> version at the normal (non-student) price< ?

I think the way it will work is that there will be 4 versions available for v2:

v2 full version
v2 upgrade license from v1
v2 educational discount full version
v2 educational discount upgrade license from v1

You will only be able to buy the last 2 "educational discount" ones if you are still a student.

But if you have a v1 edu license that you got while you were a student, you will be able to use it for the 2nd one above, the non-edu "v2 upgrade license from v1" even if you are no longer a student.

In other words, the v1 edu license will work for getting the v2 upgrade instead of needing the v2 full version.

- Michael