How to join the trimed edges?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2953.12 In reply to 2953.11 
Hi Danny,

> Just curious, but have you restricted the tool palettes, by design,
> to three rows, can't you add a 4th ?

Well, I've just got a general hesitation to add new icons in to heavily used areas.

When areas become dense with many icons it tends to make it more difficult to browse the UI and find the particular thing you are looking for.

So there's a pretty high bar to adding in a kind of "top-level" icon into a high traffic area.

> There is on more spot on the Edit palette, can't you use that
> spot, maybe shuffling some of the icons though.

One thing I'm particularly worried with Merge is having it too easily confused/crossed with Join.

I think that sometime in v3 I will be trying to have a kind of "advanced tools" menu where I can stash a bunch of things that are not really needed too often.

- Michael