Can no longer validate an action

 From:  Michael Gibson
2951.2 In reply to 2951.1 
Hi Dooki - you need to install the MoI version 1.1 update which is available from the download page here:

The thing that changed recently was after a system update you got Internet Explorer v8 installed on your machine. Due to some changes and problems in IE8 it causes the kind of side effects that you are mentioning in MoI version 1.0 .

But MoI v1.1 or v2 will work fine with IE8, so if you run that MoI v1.1 updater from above, it should update your MoI v1.0 installation to be v1.1 and then you should be able to run fine after that.

Please let me know if you still have any problems after updating to v1.1

- Michael