Exporting objects from Moi to 3DS Max is a disaster when rendering..

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Yup, the thread bisenberger shows above is good to reference as well.

That's another difference that I forgot to mention between MoI and Rhino's OBJ export - MoI can export n-gons (polygons with more than 3 or 4 sides), while Rhino only exports polygons that have a 3 or 4 sides.

Some programs or import plug-ins can have difficulty dealing with complex n-gons.

When you export from MoI there is an Output: option that you can switch between Output: N-gons, Output: Quads & Triangles, and Output: Triangles only.

So if you want to have an output the same as Rhino you would set that to Output: Quads & Triangles.

However, it is pretty nice to have N-gons if possible as it makes for a cleaner looking wireframe in your modeling views. Using FBX format with the latest import plugin helps to get both n-gons and shading normals transferred over into Max properly.

- Michael