BETA expires....then what?

 From:  Tree (TREELOY)
After having tested out the demo of MOI before and now being frustrated with the other options (SubD, Poly, etc.), I told my boss I NEED this program. So he promptly ordered on Friday and the process went perfect without a hitch. So first Kudos to the ordering process. But now on to the question at hand. With a license for version 1 and access to v2 BETA I'm sure I won't want to go without the new options in v2 and will opt to work in that version. Since the BETA is limited to a certain time frame, what are my options when the BETA time expires and I'm in the middle of a project? Will the time be extended or the new BETA released to download? Of course, as soon as v2 is release we'll be purchasing it, but I'm just concered about the time in between. Maybe an option to pre-order v2 and have unlimited acess to BETA (no time expire).

Other than that, this "little" engine-that-could is a gem amongst the slew of modelling applications out there. I actually enjoy modelling even boring technical objects. It's just so damn fun. :)

.....and who said SubDs are the future of modelling?

Best Regards,