Will Moi3D continue to be a pet project? Closed

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Let's try not to turn this into a Mac flame war thread please.

There have actually been quite a large number of requests for a Mac MoI version - my general sense from the level of e-mail requests and such is that there would be a big enough marketplace to sustain a Mac version.

So I really wish that I could do one!

But the time and work investment involved is just too much for me - also I just do not personally have a background or any experience in Mac development so it would take a pretty substantial amount of time just to learn about it.

So it is just not feasible to do from a resources or amount of time involved type standpoint for my particular situation.

Olio - I'm not sure why you think having a niche product is such a bad thing. I have no problem with MoI being a kind of finely crafted "boutique" product that works really well for a somewhat smaller user base rather than selling a million copies.

I've done the "million copies" thing before when I was at Microsoft, and it's not really a specific goal of mine anymore, it tends to be rather cold and impersonal. It can be a lot more rewarding to connect with a somewhat smaller (not too small though! :) user base where I can be more involved with users and enable them to do some cool things.

Things are not set in stone though, it's not that I am 100% opposed to growing MoI in size and scope, but at the same time it is not some intense overriding goal which you seem to think it should be.

One of my #1 goals for producing MoI is to have fun doing a cool product.

- Michael