Will Moi3D continue to be a pet project? Closed

 From:  jbshorty
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neo wrote: "here is an example of how Rhino's GUI look on a Ribbon UI"

BLECHHH!!!! I don't like the ribbon idea. McNeel actually did show a prototype of Rhino on the ribbon at Sigg 2007, and a bunch of people responded with a big resounding "NOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!". But i got the feeling that the ribbon will not be the end result of what they're doing. If it is, I'll happily stick with using my hotkeys and popup menu scripts and I'll hide the stupid ribbon... Grasshopper uses the ribbon too, but I don't mind it so much there as i have when using other software (such as Spaceclaim) because GH ribbon icons are quite small. But the Grasshopper viewport uses vector graphics for it's node components so it remains very scalable. I'm hoping to see the same kind of UI scalability as found in MoI...