Will Moi3D continue to be a pet project? Closed

 From:  jbshorty
Hi Olio. I don't think it's really slowing down. But i will take a guess and say what really happens is V1 beta seemed to develop very fast because we did not get to watch the initial building period. The project was in work for a couple of years before anybody even knew about it. That time was probably spent laying a lot of fundamentals for V1 feature set. But maybe there were new fundamental pieces which need to be built for V2 features? I'm just guessing of course...

On the other hand what you mentioned is true that old features also need maintenance and improvements. So if one man handles this plus new features at same time it will seem like slowdown. But probably it's all handled at same speed as before, minus the recent introduction of Michael's new son. But little Zane deserves some attention from Daddy too! Even if the older brother is a little bit jealous... :)