Will Moi3D continue to be a pet project? Closed

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi jonah,

> About the pre-selection, V4 actually does have pre-selection
> of faces and edges if you press SHIFT+CTRL+LMB.

Well, in order for the pre-selection to actually work in practice instead of only in theory, it needs to be a natural and efficient action.

The mechanism that you are mentioning here is nowhere remotely close to that, it's really hidden and also very awkward in use, look what happens in Rhino when you try to use it and hold down Shift+Ctrl+click:

Notice when you click that it pops up a selection menu with 8 things on it and if you want to select the edge you have to go down and pick that item off the menu?

And then it seems that you have to repeat that every single time you click another edge?

That seems pretty horrible to me, to the point of being unusable.

> This is an undocumented feature which I imagine will
> lead to improved command filtering down the road.

Sorry, I don't really see how you would think that - as far as I can tell I would not consider this to be a foundational piece, more the opposite of that - something that would need to be tossed out and redone in a completely different way to make it actually useful for real work.

At any rate, it took a lot of time early on to get MoI's selection mechanism working well. It was one of the major pieces that I spec'd out and also prototyped in a stand-alone application to make sure that it would work well as a foundation for command flow.

- Michael