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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi olio,

> When I model in Moi, I feel handicapped in the way
> I need to find a icon for everything I do,

Well yes, using icons is normally part of a GUI or "Graphical User Interface"... :)

> sometime I need to pick a categorie first then find the
> button, then press a sub command.

It's not really a big problem when you only need to open categories every once in a while.

Since a category stays open once you have activated it, if you need to use other related commands from that same category you don't need to open anything for those additional uses.

That's one reason why MoI's system is a lot better than a traditional drop-down menu at the top of the screen, which forces you to always open the menu over and over again in all cases, since the drop-down part disappears after every use.

> In Rhino I never use the toolbars, I type everything. in that
> respect I find that working in Rhino has the best and fastest UI.

Sounds like you should set up some keyboard shortcuts in MoI, that way you can launch a command by just a single keypress.

Note that MoI supports using just a single character like "E" as a shortcut key. In Rhino that does not work because of the command-line interface.

> Is there a reason Michael of why Moi is not allowing
> typed commands?

Well, it wasn't a priority because it is not really what "normal" applications use.

For example when you are in a word processor, do you go somewhere and type-in "bold" when you want to make something bold? Or do you use a shortcut key or an icon button for that?

Actually though like Burr mentions you can type in commands in v2 if you want, if you press Tab first to put focus in the entry box.

There is also an option in the most recent v2 beta that will treat any typing as a command-line type entry so you don't need to push Tab. To set that up, edit the moi.ini file (there is a button for that under Options / General) and set


But basically that kind of type-in mechanism is a very AutoCAD-centric type workflow. Unlike with Rhino it has just not been a priority to make MoI set up similar to AutoCAD, since that interface is pretty antiquated and not really friendly to users who have not already learned and spend a lot of time in AutoCAD.

- Michael