Will Moi3D continue to be a pet project? Closed

 From:  BurrMan
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Hi Michael,
I was a bit confused on what I was talking about also. I was mostly refering to the "display Mesher" that I think you just refered to. Specifically, I was going to reference the "Point picker" that I think you also mentioned (Only because I have seen you already address this fundamental issue) and how Rhino would have to basically "abandon" it's entire userbase to do a "complete re-write" from the fundamental core of the application.

I dont think this will happen anytime soon. (And even if they started now, or 1 year ago, they will still be several years behind MoI's development. Moreover, since they have injected multiple developers into the Mcneal programming cubicle, trying to do this Bug Free will set them back even that much further!) I think your stuck with it the way it is.

Again, I think the base of this thread though was off and the managment of the development is not our place. But also, it's not for me to decide this for others like olio and jbshortey, so I should shut my pie hole also. :O