Will Moi3D continue to be a pet project? Closed

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Burr, although to be fair it is not really so much "bloat" in Rhino that is stopping it from having a new mesher.

It's primarily just that making a mesher is a huge amount of work all on its own, I've probably invested something like 8 months of full time work on mine.

It tends to be a finicky area that requires a tremendous amount of testing with different shapes and trim boundaries.

It can tend to be difficult to schedule a task like this that will require such a huge investment of someone's time.

But I have viewed my own time investment in this area as very worthwhile, because it's really a fundamental piece for a lot of people. It's just so common to need to get polygon data out for use in rendering.

If the meshing does not work well, it tends to lead to a huge amount of frustration when your beautiful clean and finished NURBS object turns into garbage at the final stage.

- Michael