close curve function

 From:  Michael Gibson
2940.2 In reply to 2940.1 
Hi worg3 - I gave it a try and it seems to be working fine for me with the Aug-8 beta.

You probably don't have the plug-in files for that custom command copied over into the new beta release's folder.

When you install a new beta release, it goes into its own folder, and you need to copy over or re-install any custom plugins that you want to use such as CloseCurve.

There will be 2 files for the CloseCurve plugin: CloseCurve.htm and CloseCurve.js, copy those over to the new beta's installation for it to work, they go into the \commands subfolder.

In the future I want to improve the way plug-ins work so that you would not need to copy files over into new installations, but currently you need to do that.

- Michael