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 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi andras,

> But this is so complicated to define what does
> "predefined" and "custom" mean.

Well, by "predefined" I mean an object that has been fixed to only be one specific shape, like for example a door that is fixed to be only a 4-sided rectangular shape.

In your example when you talk about a "door" or "window" script, the script would be for making just one specific kind of door or window.

When I say "custom" I mean something that is more freely drawn by assembling any number of curve segments or patterns, without it being restricted to only one set shape.

MoI is somewhat more focused on freely drawing things and not currently so much on assembling some predefined shapes which is more what the example you posted is showing.

That doesn't mean what you are showing was not useful - it can certainly gain a lot of speed to assemble pieces like that if all the pieces are in the shapes that you want. But that comes at a price of not having a lot of flexibility.

Aren't there already many architectural modeling programs out there that work with a library of template shapes like that already though?

> except ... If I make building structure for example an shape
> (or anything) after that how can I modify the shape.

Well, I still need to do a lot of work and planning before I would know the exact answer to that question! :)

But I would hope to have a kind of "history view" on a selected object that showed an entry for each action that was used to build it, and have some controls that would let you alter parameters and show construction curves to edit them, stuff like that.

- Michael