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<Systems like that become really easy to work with those predefined objects, but then what happens when you want to make your own custom object?

MoI is kind of overall more focused on being able to more freely create shapes rather than being kind of "locked in" to only working with assembling a small set of predefined shapes.>

Of course. This structure would speak about custom object. Definitely. Namely first part of image speak about custom objects and the second one (with wall image) speak about predefined as traditional vertical walls. But with this relatively complicated scripting structure method (who can make script is easy but currently not for me currently :D but I have to know) we can make custom and predefined shapes too. Two in one. I think a free way to any designer.

But this is so complicated to define what does "predefined" and "custom" mean. Custom means hand made? Predefined means scripted?
But predefined can be as custom as well: this is a very nice site about digital skyscaper schemes Sometimes the scripted is much better and easier then hand made. But we have to consider those are digital plans and not for traditional markets :).

I do want to extend history in the future though, which may help to give some similar functionality to what you are showing there. But I'd like to do it in a more generic way where the "wall" for example does not have to come from a specifically coded script but instead just remembers a sequence of modeling commands that you used to build it. That would make it easier for people to make custom shapes without being dependent on a script programmer to create such things for them...

Oh. It is good news. :) I have already understood

except ... If I make building structure for example an shape (or anything) after that how can I modify the shape.
For example. I create a surface shell structure as free form wall than I put some window into that but I want to modify the shape. I understand that the history resolve but Can "history" work with script generated shapes as well? I dont know.

Anyway sorry just I want to understand I would have liked to help. there is a lot of useless 3d application for architects (except revit and bentley but those are not perfect as well).

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