From:  Michael Gibson
2936.5 In reply to 2936.3 
Hi Marc,

> These zooming techniques have the viewport as a
> limitation, for example if you want to zoom in on the
> top left corner, your zooming range is limited to the border.

In actual use this should not really be much of an issue, because you should generally have a kind of reflexive use of navigation to be able to bring a specific point of interest closer to the center of the viewport where you can actually see all of it rather than possibly having some of it clipped off the screen as it can be if it is very nearby the border like you describe.

So for instance you would either pan or zoom out first to bring that point of interest at least somewhat closer to the middle of the screen first, before zooming in on it.

But I've also added in an additional method for scripting for the next beta, so that it will be possible to set up some shortcut keys that give the exact same behavior as the mouse scroll wheel, so that a press of the key does the same thing as spinning the wheel one notch in one direction, including having the zoom based around the pointer position.

It kind of feels a bit awkward to me, but it will be another possible option to set up in the next beta.

- Michael