From:  Michael Gibson
2921.3 In reply to 2921.1 
Hi andras,

> and when I want to select them the selection command dont
> work and I have to copy the "StyleB" elements separatly.

You mentioned "the selection command" but could you please give some more details on exactly which selection method you are trying to use?

Like was it Ctrl+A for select all, or clicking with the mouse, or using the scene browser for selection, ... ?

One thing to note - even when everything else on a solid is hidden other than edges, edge selection still follows the exact same "drill down" pattern as it normally does. So that means that with the mouse for instance the initial click selects the solid as a "whole object" first, and then you can click on edges a second time to "drill in".

This may be a bit confusing at first, because if you have hidden everything else on a solid other than some edges, those edges will look similar to regular curves on the screen. However they are still actually "edge" sub-objects and still maintain the exact same behavior of edge sub-objects.

But probably the easiest way for you to select them is to use the scene browser for selection - just click on the text part of the scene browser item where it says "StyleB" - that will select those edges.

If you don't want to use the scene browser for selection, then you need to use 2 clicks, with the "drill in" happening on the second click that will let you target edges.

- Michael