From:  Michael Gibson
292.6 In reply to 292.5 
> I think it should be saved into the current file. A new file might start
> with a default 0.001 value, then.

The problem with this method is that then when you load that file, you would get that tolerance. Unlike anything else that is loaded from a file, the tolerance can have a big impact on models that you create from then on.

So for instance, if someone saved a file with a looser 0.01 tolerance, and you loaded that file and decided to create a new model in it, your new model would be subject to that tolerance and certain operations could possibly fail, that would not fail if you started fresh with File/New.

It's not so bad when you are loading your own files back in (since you were the one that messed with the tolerance in the first place there), but it can lead to surprising behavior when you load a file that was not initially created by you.

> By the way, what happenes when you add the units?

I was intending for the tolerance to just remain 0.001 no matter what the units were set to.

- Michael