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Today, I was playing with MoI at noon siesta. I was trying some boolean operations which worked in Rhino but didn't in MoI. I wanted to try setting a tighter tolerance, but I found out that tolerance field was missing. I was quite surprised. So I asked for your explanation. That's about it.

I am accustomed to using quite tight tolerance in Rhino, therefore there is no problem with MoI's current default value. On the other hand, I think CAD app should allow users to adjust a tolerance appropriately. However, I admit that such technical terms as tolerance, geometric continuity, curvature and so forth, can lead to serious user confusion (Besides, you've mentioned a certain fact about the geometry library).

Nevertheless, you might leave the possibility to change the tolerance so the advanced user could reveal a related part of UI by "digging around" the associated html file.


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