export only visible element

 From:  Michael Gibson
2912.5 In reply to 2912.3 
Hi andras, I see what you mean now - what you want is a process called "hidden line removal".

That is definitely on the list to add in the future, but it will probably be part of a rather large set of work to have a 2d "paper-space" type mechanism. I'm not exactly sure when that will happen, hopefully some time in v3 though.

Some other software can help with the hidden line calculation currently though, have you given ViaCAD a try for this? To avoid the duplicated vectors, you generally do not want to just save the 3D model directly out to DXF, you need to generate a print sheet (or whatever it is called in the particular software) which will then have hidden lines removed and then export that print data rather than the full 3D data, if that makes sense.

- Michael