From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi moontooth - you can get more precision by controlling the shape of the curves you use for the sweep.

Adjust those curves until you have the rounded tip shaped how you want.

It tends to be easier to adjust a more localized part of the overall shape like this rather than trying to build the whole thing all in one single surface pass. Trying to do it all in one single pass gets hard to control when the shape is changing.

You have a pretty major shift in shape in this case, because you've got a profile that is like 3 lines with arcs between them, but the rounded tip part that you show in your example does not have that kind of a shape, when there is a shift in shape like that, that is often a clue that it is good to develop those shapes as separate surfaces and then fillet them together to produce the final result.

You may want to use the Shape = G2 fillet option when performing the fillet, that will make it so that the fillet piece shares surface curvature with the surrounding pieces, it makes the fillet blend in more seamlessly with the other pieces.


Otherwise if you want to get even more fine tuned control, your main other choice is to use a sub-d type modeling program instead of MoI, but then you will be basically manipulating every single point of the surface cage to a good spot which can be a bunch of work.

- Michael