Short for lighting options

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Al, I'm sorry I don't quite understand what your last request here is.

Is it something about lighting options?

You wrote:
> to have a single script that showed to video the label
> relative to the several ones change possibility ....?

You mention "the label" - could you please describe more about what label you mean here?

> I wonder to you even if and possible to orient the Frame relative to
> the objects in way to be able to align it to the oggeto in some cases
> rotating its position

You're talking about the edit frame that surrounds selected objects?

Can you describe a bit more about what is the reason you want to align it to a particular orientation? Is it so you can stretch an object in a particular direction?

If so, then you can use the "Scale1D" command for that probably more easily than the edit frame - it is located under Transform / Scale / Scale1D.

That command allows you to pick both the scale origin and the scale direction as any 2 points, so you can snap them on to whatever spots you need. That basically allows you to completely control the scale direction by those 2 picked points.

Let me know if you need a video that shows how Scale1D works.

- Michael