Short for lighting options

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Al, yes it is possible to control all of the lighting options from a shortcut key script.

So you could set up some presets if you want.

The following script can be assigned as the command on a shortcut key to set a batch of lighting properties:

script: /* Set lighting options */ var v = moi.view; v.lightingStyle = 'Default'; v.specularHighlights = true; v.specularBrightness = 0.5; v.specularFocusSize = 0.5; v.metallicLighting = true; v.fixedLightPositions = false;

You can edit the various values in there to produce variations.

For lighting style, the value can be one of the following:

Also when the lighting style is set to 'customLevels', there are some additional properties on moi.view that can be set: customKeyLightLevel and customFillLightLevel

Let me know if you have any difficulties setting that up.

- Michael