Short for lighting options

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi Al,

> what I wonder is of knowing if it is possible to make one
> short that monster to shown video the lebel in the image,
> that it affords to vary the types of lighting system of the objects,

I'm sorry - still even now I'm not sure I understand...

But if you want to make a shortcut to switch all lighting settings in a single keypress - yes that is possible, I posted the shortcut for it in the previous message here:

You can edit the script inside of that shortcut to change the various settings.

So for example in your screenshot it looks like you want to have Lighting style = Key + more fill , and Specular turned on, with Specular brightness = 0.5 and Specular focus size = 0.5

To do that you would set up the following on a shortcut key as the command:

script: /* Set lighting options */ var v = moi.view; v.lightingStyle = 'MoreFill'; v.specularHighlights = true; v.specularBrightness = 0.5; v.specularFocusSize = 0.5; v.metallicLighting = false; v.fixedLightPositions = false;

With the above assigned to a keyboard shortcut, you can press that key and then the lighting options dialog will have the same settings as in your screenshot.

So to get that script above, I just edited a couple of the values in the script that was in the previous message (

- Michael