MoI won't start - Monitor Program?

 From:  Michael Gibson
2904.2 In reply to 2904.1 
Hi Cabz - that's something that is only part of the trial version, not the actual full release version.

Like you guessed, it is part of a protection layer to make it harder to "crack" the trial version expiration mechanism.

That particular message is meant to pop up if you are running monitoring programs like regmon, diskmon, to try and analyze the protection's behavior.

As far as I know, it should only be triggered if you have a monitoring program like that actually running, if you can find what program like that is currently running and exit it for the time being, it should enable the trial version to run again.

There is also an alternate trial version that you can download from here: which does not have that protection layer at all (and does not have any expiration actually) and instead has saving disabled - it should work even when a monitoring type program is running.

- Michael