MoI won't start - Monitor Program?

 From:  NightCabbage
Well, I tried to open MoI (1.1) today, and it's coming up with this error...

"A monitor program has been found running in your system.
Please, unload it from memory and restart your program"

Now, that would be fine if I was actually running something suspicious... however I'm not.

The only change I've made today is that I installed a javascript debugger add-on and some web developer add-ons in Firefox.

Michael... I understand that you don't want people to crack your program, but anyone who is actually trying to crack it will just disable that check _very_ easily. So the only thing a check like this does is catch users like myself, who are running legitimate setups, and no suspicious programs.

It's a shame that developers have to put checks like this in their programs in the first place :(
But even worse when the checks don't work properly.