Trouble to get precise measurements in 3D space!

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi mogh,

> I have reall trouble to draw lines and splines with precise measures
> in moi 3d.

There's a function called "distance constraint" which allows you to control the length of a line that you are drawing.

Just type the length in and push enter, and the second point of the line you are drawing will get placed at that exact distance.

You can also enter in a similar "angle constraint" to control the angle of the line by typing in the angle number with a < character in front of it, like: <30 and then push enter.

Also if you want the line to start at a particular x,y coordinate, just type in that coordinate and push enter, like: 2,2 <enter>

It's also possible to enter in polar coordinates where the point is specified by a distance and angle in one compact notation, those are entered like this: 5<45.

There's some more information on the various options for typing in precise measurements while picking a point in the help file here.

Does that give you the kind of measurement control that you need? Let me know if you are trying to do something else.

Also like Ralf shows in that link, there are some more functions in v2 for controlling the size of the selected objects - there is a new properties panel that shows you the size of the selected objects and lets you edit it there.

> I somehow cant get a grip on which plane I am or what dimension ...

Well, when you've got straight snap on there are labels on the screen that say "x" or "y" that tell you which direction the snap is happening on, just look at those, for example:

Also it sounds like you may want to go to Options > View, and enable the "Show axis icon" option, which will make a little axis direction widget show up in the lower left corner of the viewport:

> So my question is will there be an oldschool draw on one
> plane and make dimensioning on that plane and then exit
> it (like Solidworks , Pro/E) kinda way some day?

In the future I'd like to give some stuff like that a try.

But currently MoI is set up more like an oldschool drafting program, where you have a whole lot of options for accurately controlling the object as you are drawing it so you can get the precise result you want right from the start.

There is some good progress for the "modify it later" type method in MoI v2 though, with the new property panel size editor as shown in Ralf's link above.

But there are all kinds of ways to accurately specify a line (or other things too) when you are drawing it, let me know if you need more info on that.

- Michael