G0 ; G1 ; G2 ???

 From:  Michael Gibson
290.13 In reply to 290.11 
Hi dejule,

> What was confusing to me using Alias..was if I ensure
> all my curves g1...why do I have to set, through another
> option box that the surfaces are g1 also.

Are you talking about a tool in Alias or a tool in MoI here?

If so, then which tool?

It is hard to know what you are mentioning here without some more context.

Due to the nature of how NURBS surfaces work, it is not unusual though for there to be different qualities to a surface in the U and V directions.

For example a surface can be of degree 1 in U and degree 3 in V.

Just because you have a certain structure in one direction does not necessarily mean that the other direction which is formed during construction must have the exact same kind of structure to it. That's why there can be some options like that in some construction tools - they are basically referring to the new direction that is being created, not to the direction of the existing curves.

> Shouldn't this be automatic or simplified? Maybe Moi
> could be more intuitive that way.

In which tool?

- Michael