Network curves limitations

 From:  Michael Gibson
2895.8 In reply to 2895.1 
Hi Jean-Paul, it looks like you have got this all figured out now, but just to clarify your original problem, that original layout you had did not form a completely regular UV grid with all the curves, which is what Network needs.

For example this profile touches the outside one at 2 points:

But then the next one only touches the same outside one at only 1 point:

You can also kind of see there that there is a difference in length - that last one only matches up to something like half the size of the previous one, it's not fitting into a regular grid type formation.

Another thing is in Network when you have one direction collapse down and touch each other like this:

It can't be just a partial amount of things that collapse, all of the curves for that direction must collapse to that same point to form a complete "pole" there.

Basically Network needs to remap your curve structure into a completely regular 2D rectangular grid in UV space, and if it can't figure it out it will fail which is what was happening to you originally here.

But with the updated layout where you have a slight gap in the front, that then gives Network the kind of structure that it needs.

Maybe in the future at some point I could make Network more intelligent and have it figure out your original layout, but it would basically need to recognize that end curve there is a special case and have it internally be doubled back on itself to form the complete UV grid. But it may be fairly difficult to set that up.

- Michael