Stress test...

 From:  Michael Gibson
289.3 In reply to 289.1 
Wow, this is a great stress test for MoI!

> I had no problems with MoI except the speed problems with displaying all the
> stuff. I had ZERO!!! crashes and that's a miracle. :) The export was smooth
> (except the looong wait) and the resulting mesh was clean without gaps or
> other anomalies.

Fantastic!! Thank you for reporting your results! Not bad for a beta, huh? :)

It seems like stability has been coming together really well. I've got one major tune-up left to do for Fillets, Booleans, and Shelling which should help seal up the biggest remaining problem areas. Once that is complete I think this will be nailed down pretty good.

For display speed - at that level of density some of the default high quality settings are going to start to drag things down. A couple of things you can do to speed it up - go to Options, and turn off "Display hidden-line edges" and curves - curve drawing actually tends to be the biggest bottleneck and turning these off will reduce quite a lot of the curve drawing that is taking place.

Also under meshing parameters, increase the "Surface angle" and "Trim curve angle" to 20 or maybe 30 degrees. The surfaces will not look as smooth but there will be a speed increase due to the reduction in the number of polygons.

Later on when you are working with more simple models again you will probably want to reset these back to the defaults so that things look nice and smooth again.

- Michael