Stress test...

 From:  sk2k
...for Me, MoI and my old PC. :D

I created a detailed model of a german WW1 tank. I even modelled the rivets (not all but enough :))
It was a torture for my PC to display all the stuff at once and it was a torture for me to manage all the parts of the model.
MoI needed 8 minutes to prepare the export. :) The file size of the resulting .obj file was around 90 MB with over 500.000 polygons.
So i exported again with fewer polygons to cut the file size down to 38 MB and only 240.000 polygons.
The import into Cybermotion 3D-Designer was flawless. Now i can start texturing it.

What else to say?
I had no problems with MoI except the speed problems with displaying all the stuff. I had ZERO!!! crashes and that's a miracle. :) The export was smooth (except the looong wait) and the resulting mesh was clean without gaps or other anomalies.

What i miss?
Group/Ungroup. I will never create such a complex model again :)....until MoI has something usefull to manage many objects.
Project curves/objects onto surfaces.


My PC:
P4 2,8 GHz
1.5 GB RAM
ATI x800 Pro
WinXP Home

EDITED: 9 Jan 2007 by SK2K