Urgent - How to find "holes" in curves (to close them)

 From:  Michael Gibson
2888.11 In reply to 2888.1 
Hi DesuDeus, also in addition to that other "CloseCurve" plugin I've attached a new one here called "MarkOpenCurveStart" which may be useful.

What it will do is go through the selected curves and place a point object at the start point of any open curve in that selection, so that point will be marked and you can see where it is.

This new one will only work in MoI v2, to install it download and unzip the attached file and copy the 2 included files to the \commands subfolder instead of the v2 beta's main installation folder.

Then set up a shortcut key with MarkOpenCurveStart as the command, and then select curve and hit that key to trigger it.

That other "CloseCurve" function can possibly introduce a very tiny line segment into your outline which is something to kind of look out for, since that can then lead to teeny-tiny surfaces later on which tend to be kind of nice to avoid if possible.

- Michael