Urgent - How to find "holes" in curves (to close them)

 From:  Michael Gibson
2888.10 In reply to 2888.1 
Hi DesuDeus, one note on this part:

> Everything is closed curves at first sight but Ive
> found some non-closed curves

You can use the properties panel in MoI v2 to quickly identify if you have a closed curve or an open curve. If the selected curve is closed, it will say "Closed crv" here:

If the selected curve is not closed, it will just say plain "Curve" and not "Closed crv" there.

If you select multiple curves, like say 10 of them, then if they are all closed it would say "10 Closed crvs" there, but if they are a mixture of some open and some closed, it will say "10 objects" there.

So looking at that type readout gives you a way to know if you've got any open curves.

- Michael