Astonished Zbrush video!

 From:  jbshorty
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adamio wrote: "Can you imagine having a MoI or Rhino GOZ ?"

That would be awesome! But probably closer to getting that in Rhino, as it has a very well established SDK and the V5 beta has normal/bump mapping directly in viewport and has a 64-bit version. I know people have been manipulating +6M polygon meshes without any problems on 64-bit Rhino. That should be enough polys to support a "low-poly" ZBrush mesh... And by "low-poly" i really mean less than 10M polys... It's high-poly for the rest of the world... :)

The real trick is to link the original Nurbs object (or perhaps a TSpline?) into ZBrush. The video showing Mudbox and Alias is a bit misleading because at first it made me think they were showing a link between the two apps. But in truth, they just imported the model to MB for sculpting, then mention the mesh could be later imported to Alias for developing the real production shape around it. No different than importing a mesh to ZB, sculpt, then return to Rhino or any other CAD system...

I am thinking i might upgrade my 3DCoat license, as he's got direct Nurbs import and improved all-quad mesh extraction in development. That would give me an easy to path to voxelize a 3DM, then extract that quad mesh, import to ZB for sculpting, and out again to Rhino or RP. Too bad that ZB doesn't have voxelizing yet. Maybe for V4? They must be holding some amazing tricks for the V4 release! :)