Difference Group/Sel Mul named?

 From:  Michael Gibson
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Hi pitrak,

> Would really come in handy if Styles would easily transfer to
> the material setup (since you have the different colours on screen).

Yup, that's actually how it works right now, it's been set up to do that since the Jun-23-2009 v2 beta release.

One of the main reasons to have styles was to enable it to work like this, with style assignments being translated into material assignments. That's currently handled for LWO and OBJ export formats.

> Now in LWO and OBJ export styles get lost if i'm correct, while
> objects translate to groups.

No, actually styles are fully exported to LWO and OBJ formats - the style assignments become material assignments in the generated polygon output.

Probably group information will not be exported anywhere though (except possibly through STEP format), because many formats just do not have any mechanism to have multi-level hierarchies in them. For example neither LWO nor OBJ have any mechanism provided in the file structure for that. So groups will probably be just for organizing stuff while working within MoI.

But styles to materials are all going 100% for LWO and OBJ formats right now, and styles are also translated to layers for 3DM files, and the similar "levels" for IGES files, and also are applied as object colors for SAT, IGES, and STEP output.

- Michael