Analysis Progams

 From:  DannyT (DANTAS)
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Hi Michael,

> So it is possible for there to be a different kind
> of mesh used for that kind of thing, I'm not
> sure if that is the case for your particular file or not though.

Yes we can use tetrahedron meshes, but that is for more detailed 3d analysis, the file I've attached is just a shell model or what Moldflow call Duel Domain, where the model is just like STL or .obj.

The mesh control is not that good it could take up to 30min sometimes to mesh a product and then there is the aspect ratio to contend with, where you try and get the ratio down to 6 or better for each element for a more accurate result. It's not unusual to manually correct the aspect ratio of 50+ elements.
I'll see what other formats it can handle, I'm trying to see if I can use MoI's brilliant meshing engine to help us out.

@ Pilou, thanks for the link, looks interesting.