Sub-object editing

 From:  NightCabbage
Hmm ok, new problem, but I'll keep it in my little thread so as to not clog up the forum with silly problems and questions :P

So I've created a cube out of lines this time.

12 lines forming a 2x2x2 cube.

Now I'm trying to join them together. But for some reason only some of them are joining, and the rest are not.

For example, if I join the top 4 edges together, that works fine - I get a nice little flat box.

Then I can't join any other edges to this box.

And if I just select all 12 edges, and hit Join (which would be the ideal way of doing it) - it just seems to join random edges together, leaving the others unjoined.

It looks as though it only likes joining edges on the same plane - but that's just a guess.

Perhaps this is fixed in the new version? Or maybe I'm doing something wrong?

Thanks :)