Sub-object editing

 From:  NightCabbage
Heh, yeah sorry - using the old version :)

But hey I'm really enjoying it - so I'll probably buy it and then I can switch to the new version, which sounds like it has many improvements.

Most of the 3d software I've used is polygon based, but recently I've been branching out, because I generally don't like the flow of poly-based modelling.

There are so many choices around these days...

3ds max / Maya
ZBrush / Mudbox

But I really like the idea of creating objects like Moi does - I've been waiting for someone to make a program like this for years :)
(3ds max does nurbs but nowhere near as good as Moi)

Sorry if I sounded completely green (I am fairly inexperienced in 3d modelling though).
My background is in programming, web design and game design.
I'm not a skilled artist, but hope to get some skills in this area - it's about time.

Thank you for coming up with a couple of solutions for my problem! I feel much better now :)

Highly looking forward to trying out this new version...