Sub-object editing

 From:  NightCabbage
"There are some other NURBS modeling systems out there that have refined that kind of editing to a greater degree, one example is SpaceClaim, if that kind of editing is a big concern for you, you might want to check it out."

Ah, but I really like your work, Michael, so I think I'll stick with MoI :)

I do think that the ability of being able to move things around like that would be a great asset to the program, as many professionals out there are used to this kind of feature in poly modellers, and having it would be a great draw-card to your program.


Oh, that was easy - I thought I'd already tried pressing delete on the edge at least a dozen times?? lol
It's pretty intuitive, so that's good (no idea why it didn't work before!)


"In future versions I should be able to add more options for doing this kind of thing more automatically, for instance it could eventually be possible to enable dragging the hole around without erasing it first, or using history to change the size of the object being booleaned. But for V1 these won't be ready so the "erase hole" technique is what will work for right now."

Hehe, this gives me hope that you have it planned! :)