Sub-object editing

 From:  NightCabbage
Ok, so I've been palying with Moi a bit today, and aside from having great fun, I'm actually getting it to make the stuff I want :)

But I still regularly come up with the problem of wanting to just change a particular line/curve of an object...

And I'm wondering why it isn't possible to do this (without separating the object)?

Example 1:

The above is one solid object.

However, during the making of the object, a circle (blue colour) was cut into the surface (yellow colour).
(I coloured the circle blue myself, by the way lol - don't have V2 just yet hehe)

Is there any reason why I can't just delete that blue circle, and have the yellow surface without that circular hole?

Example 2:

Once again, the above is one solid object.

But what if I wanted to change the shape of the exhaust?
Or perhaps I want to move the whole exhaust to a different place on that flat surface?

For my usage, this is the number one "most wanted feature" :)

Begin able to edit existing shapes by their internal components (lines and surfaces - though of course the surfaces are created automatically by the lines, but the surfaces should control the surrounding lines)

What do you think?


Oh and I've read the FAQ but still think that this feature would be worth implementing / figuring out.