Drip, drip, drip------

 From:  Brian (BWTR)
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Your answers prove my arguments to a large extent.
It is , with the system involved, a presumtion of a memory retention of what all the goobbledegook means.
First to remember how to do it.
Secondly,even when its "transferred", the description column loses it's meaning to later memory recall.

In these particular areas I feel it's like trying to grasp the workings of Blender when when you come from a Bryce/Poser/Carrara/Amapi/Hexagon background (or similar).

Like a huge proportion of you potential market for MoI perhaps?--- those-not making a sideways move from Rhino.

I used the old Script copier--how would I have known about the new one.
The new one said it had been done???? (So somethings not right?)

I guess we will continue to disagree on priorities.