Drip, drip, drip------

 From:  Michael Gibson
2871.2 In reply to 2871.1 
Hi Brian, if you don't know what those shortcuts do, then why did you add them in?

Why not just remove them if you don't know what they do and don't use them?

That would seem to be a simple solution to the confusion here....

None of those ones you indicate there were set up in MoI by default, you added them in for some reason yourself, if you don't want them, just remove them, problem solved...

I do hope to make a better shortcut and script delivery system in the future, but as I've mentioned quite a number of times it will take some time to do that.

I can dig up some of the previous replies if you need a link to previous discussions on this.

For the script errors, you likely do not have the scripts copied over to the new installation - there is a script copier utility that I post with each new beta that you can run to help you with this, the most recent one is here:

- Michael