Drip, drip, drip------

 From:  Brian (BWTR)
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Sorry if my message is taken the wrong way.
I want MoI to be for the average 3d modeller/computer user.

Consider this,----- it directly relates to my "beef"

My 5 children (all now around 50, some with doctorates in computers, lecture 3d etc) all confirm that, though they use many apps, including 3D , at work, they are not given, or allowed, web access within thier orginisations.

What the app, as installed by management initially, is it!
If the basic HELP files, say, are not included?


One son, the major 3d worker, takes his special favourite apps to work on his laptop BUT, the only apps he has, or will use on it, are those that work effectively without web connections. He NEVER follows forums or accesses App web sites..

Maybe me and mine live on a different planet?