Drip, drip, drip------

 From:  Michael Gibson
2871.10 In reply to 2871.9 
Hi Brian,

> Because, when I later come to find the shortcut I know

If you have such a recurring problem remembering them, why not make a simple text document that keeps track of what you have added?

Everytime you add one, put a note to yourself in that document, so that you can go back later on and remember what it was that you set up.

That would be a pretty simple way to solve your problem.

Again, all of those shortcuts are ones that you decided to add...

> Michael----are you suggesting that those who own/use/want
> to use MoI are accurately represented by the FEW who actually
> use this (or any) forum?

No, not necessarily. But I'm confident that if the shortcut manager was really such a major issue I would have heard more about it from other people, either in the forum or through e-mail or some kind of communication.

So far it's just been one person who has had such a significant problem with it.

- Michael