WIP - TriClops Archery Sight

 From:  Grendel
Thanks Brain and Danny - I know what you are saying about the technology, there is actually a big resurgence in using long bows and recurve bows just because of that.

Michael - Thanks, it turned out really well. I've only been shooting a bow for about a year and I still look at everything when I go to a Pro Shop and it just seemed like this was an option that was missing. The O & S company name is actually Orlan & Scott, Scott is my co-workers first name and I would bounce ideas off of him because he's been an archer for years. I'm going to make a faux ad page sheet and print it out at work. There are about six others there that hunt with a bow so I want to see there reaction to it as if it were an product already available. What kind of bow do you have? I use a BowTech Sniper, a couple others use BowTech, Martin, and Mathews.