Revolve - profile option ?

 From:  PaQ
Hi Michael,

Again, sorry if it was discussed before (and I suppose it was, but there are so many thread here), but is it possible to have
an option to avoid the profile optimization, a bit like the profile option when doing a sweep ?

The 'A' revolve topology is what I would like to have from time to time, mostly to have radial 'uv' I can use to create
for example brushed metal. But actually Moi's revolve is doing some automatic profile optimization (well I can express it other way),
and always result like in the 'B' example.

I manage to output 'A' by using 3 controls points curve instead of straight line in the profile, like here

... the thing is, I'll would prefer to have straight line :)

Does it make sence ? Probably not something very important for other users too :S

EDITED: 3 Feb 2010 by PAQ