Does MoI3d use DirectX?

 From:  shokan
Does MoI3d use DirectX for its viewport and button areas? I am curious because there is a possibility of working in real-time stereoscopic mode using the IZ3D 3D moniitor. This is kind of a heavy topic so, suffice it to say, the monitor is a passive display (but needs polarized glasses), and produces two images one on top of the other. Its target group is gamers, but I am thinking it might work with MoI. The company tested it on 3DCoat and said it worked. However, I would imagine that the button areas in their test came out blurry because only the viewport is DirectX for 3DCoat. I could live with blurriness for buttons.

FYI, the only 3DCC I know of for stereoscopic editing is Cinema 4D using SpatialView SV plugin. The rest are render output only.

BTW, if anyone knows of other DirectX 3d CC programs, I'd like to know.